Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm baaack. This time for good.

So much has happened since last update!

Couple days ago it was snowing and I didn't know if I should feel miserable or excited. I'm a summer person so of course I was feeling a bit sad finally realizing that the summer really is over. But now I'm looking forward to Christmas time...mmmmhmhm ♥ and fall fashion ain't lookin' so bad either! And the best of all.. me and my fiance are planning to go to Brazil after Xmas and I am super-happy to get to know his family and friends and to spend time on the beach and wearing summer clothes&bikini, swimming in the ocean etc. So far there seems not to be any bad things in Brazil. 

I created few Fall Fashion looks using Fashion Studio by H&M. It's fun to try different looks when you're shopping online and don't have the opportunity to actually try the clothes on.

Soo..Like I said there's so much that had happened. I had a job interview last Friday and I think it went quite well, though they haven't called me yet O.o  

For the interview I chose a gray sleek straight-leg pants and a white shirt. My make-up was very simple, nothing spectacular just some brown eye liner on top (to make the lashes look fuller), mascara and rosy lips. I didn't want to use lipstick because first of all I don't have lot of lipsticks and they were all too colorful / pigmented. I also didn't want use lip gloss in a job interview b'cos...well you know, at least I prefered quite matt finish on lips for this event.

On my lips I used my own mixture of clear lip balm and an eye shadow. It's a lot more lighter than lipstick but it still gives you a pop of color and a nice shine. 

I also did my nails. I made my own acrylic nails at home! They're not perfect of course, it was my first time doing them. But I still like 'em ^,^

The reason I haven't been able catch up sooner was mostly because one friend of mine was staying at our place for about a week because poor girl has problems with her husband right now. Also my other friend asked me to edit one video for him and that also took almost a week to do as well. But finally I'm back and I promise to keep posting more. I'll also post the photos of what & what not to wear for an interview tomorrow. 

Oh and I gotta mention this one creepy thing. Last weekend I woke up in a middle of a night to a weird *flap-flap* noise. I went to look out and there was a police chopper almost right behind our window! :-O It was circling around the city with this huge flash light thingy, looking for something. And it was the next morning when I heard that they were looking for some dangerous mad young man who had been seen at the center of the city with a stolen vehicle that he had took after trying to shoot some family in some village next to our city :-O !

But once again, I gotta go 2 sleep.

Sweet dreams...or a beautiful nighmare.. *yaiks!*

XOXO Sussy

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