Monday, October 4, 2010

Smart Window Shopping

Today I went shopping and I ended up buying...nothing. Have you ever been in a shop for like an hour and still you leave with empty hands. I seriously walked around in the store for about an hour and found so many cute things but then after a lot of thinking I thought I didn't need it or it's just too expensive etc.. And to be honest I never shop a lot. I'm a smart shopper. I always think for a while what I'm shopping FOR, what exactly do I NEED, do I need it right NOW, and can I find it CHEAPER somewhere else.

But sometimes it kinda annoys me when I really really need and I'm looking for something and I still hear this voice in my head wondering "is this really something you're going to wear?are you even going to look good in it?you're gonna wear it more than once, remember?it's too expencive: IT'D BE A LOT CHEAPER TO MAKE YOUR DRESS OUT OF CURTAINS!!" ...:-/

That's why I should take somebody with me to shop. Though that's probably not a good idea.. My friends might encourage me to buy unnecessary stuff.. A lot of stuff..

Have I mentioned already that I happen to have a cat who eats anything and everything. .And when I say anything..I mean like literally anything. 

So I'm going to have a job interview (!!) on Friday so I think I'll make a tutorial for a makeup suitable for job interviews, what & what not to wear and later I'll tell you how the interview went. ^.^ Also my big sister's b-day is coming so gonna do a party look soon too.

I went out last Friday wearing a red dress with a corset and I took some photos but I'll add 'em next time 'cos it'll take me forever to first upload them on computer and then here..blaahh. I'm not lazy, it's just (once again) mid night and me want to sleepey. Why am I always writing yo you guys at night time....hmmhmm..

Nighty night, don't let the bugs bite!

XOXO Sussy

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