Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty Ponytail & Mysterious Gaga

Oh it's so late already and I'd still have million things to go. I should clean up for example. It looks like a bomb has exploded in the house. And I  cleaned up the whole house just couple days ago.. My fiance said that if I took care of the house as well as I do for my hair and face our house would be perfect. Lols, I guess I'm not the best house wife then. Yet.

But it's true. I'm a perfectionist with my make-up and all. I would never let my beauty stuff be all over the house or somewhere lost. They all have their place and I'd freak out if someone (usually my cat) moved a hair spray bottle or took one of the make up brushes.

I've been filming more videos and I'm about to upload them to Youtube BUT I need some kind of video editing program to put the video clips together. =//  For some reason Windows Movie Maker doesn't play audio at all and AVS video editor, which I used for my last video How To Wash Your Clip in Hair Extensions, raped the quality of the video =(

Yesterday I filmed a video How To Do a Simple Pony Tail Using Clip in Hair Extensions. It is, like I said, very simple and quick but still it can go from day to night and you can wear it for casual or for a party. When I don't have my hair extensions on I personally don't like wearing a pony tail, but with the extensions I think it's a lot more outstanding and even sexier look 'cos the "tail" is long. You can also wear it sleek&straight, romantic&curly or cute&wavy, it's up to you how you prefer it. It can go with so many looks! And it's sooo easy. Just wait for the video. I'll put a link of it here too later.

I'm looking for a new makeup brush set. I found some awesome 25 pieces profession brushes set from Fraulein38 that I'm thinking about ordering but it's so cheap I wonder if the quality is good as well.. Let me 
know if you have ordered from there. Or if you have another brush set to recommend.

I bought a new cute mini/travel makeup bag from H&M the other day.

They had these same kind of bags in golden too but I fell in love with this purplish pink / pinkish purple. And I love the lace on it :P

Btw, I was reading an older interview of Lady Gaga and there were couple of things that caught my eye. No offense, I love her music and I'm a fan of hers but she really said something that got me confused. First of all she said something like this "I think I'm more like a peace of art....-The last thing young girls need is a role model rolling on sand and oil and touching herself etc"... And I was like..Isn't that more or less what she's doing? She did a cover for Q Magazine that was banned in U.S. And I'm not blaming her or anything or saying that she shouldn't. But I mean..Isn't that a bit hypocrite to say that then. Or was she really thinking about doing a cover topless and with a dildo and expecting all the young girls be like "that's what I want to be when I grow up!".
Other thing she said was that she always has a meaning for what she does. And for example she arrived to an interview wearing coat made of plush Kermit the Frogs saying she's all against wearing furs and if anything that made PETA jump for joy. And NOW just couple weeks ago she had a dress (and earlier a bikini) made of bacon! O.o Just wondering what PETA must think right now...If they still want Gaga posing for their I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur campaign..

But that's all for tonight. Gotta go to sleep 'cause I got work tomorrow 9.30a.m!

XOXO Sussy

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Potter Plotter and Kitty Shower

I just saw a trailer of the upcoming Harry Potter movie and I think I had a mini heart attack! I can't wait to see it!  

If you didn't know already, I am a huge HP fan. I've read all the books through like thousand times and will read them at least thousand times more. As a matter of fact, I'm reading the Sorcerer's Stone (again) at the moment. I've also seen the movies many times but I prefer reading. It always upsets me when I see things happening very different in the movies than it was written in the book. B'cos when I read the book I expect the story to be similar in the movie too!

But enough of Potter, you guys must think I'm such a geek right? =D

Yesterday I uploaded a hair tutorial video to Youtube. The video is about washing clip in hair extensions. It took me forever to edit it but then somehow when I converted the video to .avi file the quality suffered so badly of it =( I filmed couple more videos too but I'll add them to Youtube as soon as I get a good video editor. There's no reason to upload any videos if the quality is crappy.

In the video you can see that I have a bandage on my elbow. It's nothing serious really, I only went to donate blood as a volunteer on Thurday and the nurse told me to keep the bandage on for a while so it won't leave a bruise. Though now that I took the bandage off it still have this stinging mark on my forearm so I look like a junkie LOL 

Here's a picture of me after the blood donation.
After I got home I noticed that all my cats looked very guilty and when I went to the kitchen there was a empty rubbish can fallen and all the rubbish were over the kitchen's floor! -_- And the white cats weren't white anymore. I got no other choice than give them a bath.

 Milli is thinking "No no no nooooo, plz!"

You must think I've totally forgotten that this should be a fashion blog as well. But I didn't. My pets are fashionable, don't ya think? (;
Jst kiddin, I'll post up fashion stuff next time. I promize! 

Adios amigas


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Starting Up As A Blogger

I always have difficulties when starting things. A blog. How should it start. Is there like some kind of rules for blogging? Or directions? This isn't those "Once upon a time" - stories at least because this story won't have the ending of happily ever after. Or who knows..

I wanted to start a blog first of all because so many things happen in my life and always no one's sharing it with me. I'm like "you guys should see this!" and then there I am, experiencing it all by myself. But now i got U guys =) Isn't it great. (probably I'm just writing this blog just for myself 'cos no one is reading it LOLZ)

Besides now that I bought a video camera I'm also becoming a Youtuber and making tutorials to teach you all that I know about make-up, fashion, hair etc. 

Now that you're getting to know me, You should also see my family. They're all kinda small, and very hairy. Oh, I forgot to mention: I'm talking about my pets.

The small, furry and screaming one is Milli, our 1½ yrs old half-persian kitty. She's my favorite ♥ She's so kind, cute and small. She eats all the time but doesn't get any bigger. Didn't get her mama's genes I guess =D

The black and mean looking one is Preta (it means Black in portuguese) 2yrs old, and she's our D.I.V.A(!) If she wants to come to sit on your lap you can't say no. If she wants to be alone you can't touch her. She eats what she wants and nothing else. For her the food must be so good and delicious, the most expecive one as well. And if she becomes mad at you..whoa..she'll destroy your best shoes or purse, whatever makes you feel miserable. Our diva, like I said, wants to be the Queen of the house.

And my puppyy, Rambo ♥ He's a Russian Toy Terrier mix and still only 9 months old. He has non-stop energy and all he wants to do is to play-play-play and play. And sometimes he teases the cats. His life seems to be all easy.

And the white smiling one is Tero aka Thunderboy, 6 months old. Actually our house is only a foster home for him. A month ago he and his brother came to live with us because their owner couldn't no longer take care of them. I offered a foster home and promised to take care of them and find a good home for both of them. His brother got a new home just couple days ago but this one doesn't still have a family.

Now the Diva wants to sit on my lap and she's demanding me to strike her so I can't write rite now. But here's something as a start. I'll write more really soon, maybe later today. Then I'll upload some photos that I took yesterday when the cats had a shower! I had to wash them because they somehow had climbed up to a rubbish can and rolled all over the banana peels and old coffee beans. You can imagine the smell..