Sunday, September 26, 2010

Potter Plotter and Kitty Shower

I just saw a trailer of the upcoming Harry Potter movie and I think I had a mini heart attack! I can't wait to see it!  

If you didn't know already, I am a huge HP fan. I've read all the books through like thousand times and will read them at least thousand times more. As a matter of fact, I'm reading the Sorcerer's Stone (again) at the moment. I've also seen the movies many times but I prefer reading. It always upsets me when I see things happening very different in the movies than it was written in the book. B'cos when I read the book I expect the story to be similar in the movie too!

But enough of Potter, you guys must think I'm such a geek right? =D

Yesterday I uploaded a hair tutorial video to Youtube. The video is about washing clip in hair extensions. It took me forever to edit it but then somehow when I converted the video to .avi file the quality suffered so badly of it =( I filmed couple more videos too but I'll add them to Youtube as soon as I get a good video editor. There's no reason to upload any videos if the quality is crappy.

In the video you can see that I have a bandage on my elbow. It's nothing serious really, I only went to donate blood as a volunteer on Thurday and the nurse told me to keep the bandage on for a while so it won't leave a bruise. Though now that I took the bandage off it still have this stinging mark on my forearm so I look like a junkie LOL 

Here's a picture of me after the blood donation.
After I got home I noticed that all my cats looked very guilty and when I went to the kitchen there was a empty rubbish can fallen and all the rubbish were over the kitchen's floor! -_- And the white cats weren't white anymore. I got no other choice than give them a bath.

 Milli is thinking "No no no nooooo, plz!"

You must think I've totally forgotten that this should be a fashion blog as well. But I didn't. My pets are fashionable, don't ya think? (;
Jst kiddin, I'll post up fashion stuff next time. I promize! 

Adios amigas