Sunday, October 24, 2010

no longer D&G virgin

AAhh. Finally some time to update my blog. It's that I'm working hard and partying harder, that leaves me no time to spend at the computer.

I'm so excited and happyy, I just ordered three pair of shoez. I haven't bought any shoes in a while, but I couldn't say no for these. They'll come before next weekend so I think I'll rock 'em at the club. Yeey ^;^  They're all about 5,7inches high and I'm loving them already, even I haven't seen them live. But I'll post up the pictures right away when they'll arrive.

Lora EUR 23,90, Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM

Marble EUR 14,50, Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM

Thunder EUR 19,50, Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM

If I haven't already mentioned, I happen to love animal print stuff. Clothes, shoes, everything really. Especially the cheetah/leopard print. So I decided to do leopard print nails. I used only regular nail polishes that you can find anywhere, one gold color, one brown/bronze and one black. First you put 3-4 layers of the golden base color. Then you add random bronze dots and then just circle the dots almost all around thinly with black..Hard to explain but you'll see or get the point of the photos. I hope!
You'll see the nails in the following pictures. I also bought my very first Dolce&Gabbana jeans, so of course I had to take pictures of them while they're still new and not teared in parts by of my pets :D 

And like I said, I've been busy clubbin' so I guess you want to see pictures of that too? Well that'd be next time ;) 

XOXO Sussy


  1. Hey : )
    I ain't quite fashionable.. My simplicity is my fash statement!
    But hats off to you..
    Girl can wear 7 inches heel...
    Have a Nice day!
    A fellow blogger!

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