Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Yeah I have to admit it. I've been a bit lazy lately.

So many weeks that I haven't written!

But today I really just had to because I just came back from watching the movie I've been waiting for years and you know what movie I mean; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and I have to share my feeling with you guys!

I don't know really what to feel about the movie! It was slightly disappointing actually :-O I might have had very high expectations though because I'm such a fan of HP anyways, but... really oh my gosh..When it ended I was like "that was it?" Because I rly expected a whole lot more! The movie itself was interesting but it felt like the story went too fast. I've read the Deathly Hallows book several times and it's my favorite book of all HP books and now the movie just wasn't good enough or I dunno, it wasn't similar to the book. that's all! :D

I'll try to post up a video to tell more about my feelings of the movie. Now my motions are all mixed & messed up. Don't know what should I feel now :)

Soo.. I've been away for awhile and there's again so lotta stuff that had happened. 
First of all, last time I wrote here I told you that I had caught a flu, so after I got better and I was about to go back to work the next day I was just doing regular cleaning around the house, minding my own business, you know when suddenly my back got stuck! I mean, my back hurt sooo much I couldn't move, but I couldn't stand nor sit, I was like in between just holding myself up somehow. For couple minutes it also felt like I couldn't breath well! Then I shouted for my fiance, Apolo, and he got all worried an wanted to call an ambulance right away (he knew I have had problems with my back before and now he thought it might be something very serious), but I wanted him to call my dad first to ask if he could take me to the hospital or what should we do. But my dad couldn't come and he was also thinking the best idea would be to call an ambulance, so Apolo did and the nurse said they'd be here in ten minutes or so..

My back was hurting so bad. And it was kinda embarrassing too because Apolo's friend was over and I don't like crying in front of others.

Then the ambulance came and the nurses helped me to even partly-stand up and they almost carried me to the couch. Then I lied on the couch on my stomach and they put couple injections to my back and told me the pain should relieve in an hour! An hour! I felt like someone was stabbing me all over my back with a giant sword! But they said it's pretty much only thing they can do :// And they said I should go to the hospital first thing in the morning.Well I did. I went to a health center near by and waited couple hours in the reception just to go book an appointment for doctor. And when I finally met the nurse she was saying that she's very sorry but the doctor doesn't have time that day anymore and told me to go to a hospital (on the other side of the city) and go straight to the emergency room, there would be a doctor who could help me... So I had to go to the hospital then, I went to the emergency room's reception and told that I was sent from the health center to see a doctor there. But the lady in the reception wasn't being any helpful. She told me to wait like other patients do.

Then I waited for other couple hours, again, just to tell what's wrong and ask for the doctor, and when I finally did, they told me to wait there for my name being called..And again I waited and waited...And when I met the doctor he didn't examine me at all, he just wrote me a recipe for pain killers and told one of the nurses to put other injections to my back and if the pain doesn't go away with the drugs, then I should book an appointment for a doctor! :O

And when I called to book the appointment, they told me it'd be in two weeks! ://

One reason why I haven't spent a lotta time surfing online.

So today I had the appointment. And guess what. Again, even I told the doctor everything that is wrong with my back, and it hurts daily and that my back has bruises along the spine..He didn't care, gave me a recipe for pain killers and a good bye.

Is it just my luck or what? No matter how many times I try to see a doctor that would really examine and try to find out what the hell is wrong with my back, none of the docs seems to care if one of their patients would paralyze or even die! :/

But enough with the bad news. I got some goody newies too! ^;^

I was chosen to the Logo Fashion Girl semi-finals! :)) The reward is a model portfolio  and a contract with Logo Fashion :)

There's a photo of me and my sis (who was also chosen to the semi-finals! :>) on Logo Fashion Tour

Do you like the Outfit Of The Night? ^;^ I'm wearing a corset, long black tank top with leather-look leggings and I'm rockin' 7inch heel boots! I also wanted to do a rockish hair-do too (though it looks a bit flat in the pic) :) I did a tutorial of it but I'm still thinking about uploading it to Youtube.. Because while I was making the video my half-naked fiance (i still waw u sweety ♥) decided to walk around  behind me looking for clothes! =DD


Tomorrow I should clean up the whole haus (I hope my back won't get stuck again!) because on Friday *partieyy* :p and tomorrow my dear friend is coming over too :) There's a picture of the both cute of us below ^;^ heheh.

Later I'll post some of the party pics and also the photos of the shoes I ordered. Remember? :)

Nighty night!

XoXo & MUCH LUV Sussy

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